Bulls, Birdies, Bogeys and Bears

What is the unique and powerful connection between golf and investment markets?

Why have the ‘pulses’ of two totally separate activities, golf and investing, been so synchronised and connected, not just in modern times but throughout history, and in a manner not found in any other sport?

Bulls, Birdies, Bogeys and Bears not only explores and illustrates a number of the manifestations of this incredibly close relationship but goes further and suggests why it exists, just what the root cause maybe and provides a framework for prediction.

It is essential reading for anyone involved in the investment world with even a passing interest in golf, as it is for anyone involved in golf with an interest in investment.

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Kevin Armstrong, author of Bulls, Birdies, Bogies & Bears, has been a writer of financial articles in the NZ Herald, golf articles in The Cut Magazine and  publishes his own regular Strategy Thoughts newsletter.